US Tornado outbreak leaves 341 dead; 2nd deadliest tornado outbreak in history Watch

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The death toll from this week's storms rose to 341 Saturday, according to an NBC News count, making the tornado outbreak the second deadliest in U.S. history.
With some estimates putting the number of homes and buildings destroyed close to 10,000, state and federal authorities in the U.S. South were still coming to terms with the scale of the devastation from the country's worst natural catastrophe since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
In Tuscaloosa, Ala., alone, up to 446 people were still unaccounted for in the city, though Mayor Walt Maddox said many of those reports probably were from people who have since found their loved ones but have not notified authorities.
The number of deaths has now surpassed that of a twister outbreak that hit Alabama in March 1932, killing 332 people.
The largest death toll ever was on March 18, 1925, when 747 people were killed in storms that raged through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

Here's some videos of the tornado that hit Tuscaloosa and Birmingham in Alabama.

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My mother lives in Texas and her town was it, but it was only a case of torn-down trees and a few cars smashed thankfully (i.e. no one was seriously hurt).

Thoughts and prayers with are with the families who lost anyone. Having spoken to my other friends/family in the region, I have faith in the rescue workers, as the rescue work itself is being conducted quickly and effectively by the authorities/government in charge, which is always good.

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