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Basically, I've suffered from OCD since I was 12 and, whilst it has often had an impact on my learning meaning I've had to work ten times harder than normal, I've often managed to get the grades I want.

I'm not one of these people who wants sympathy or wants to take an easy route into university, I just feel that this year my OCD has become much worse, probably due to the stress of A levels, and that it's impacting way more on my work.

The problem is my offer for (literally) my dream university is AAA and I'm really worried that I will miss out on it because I'm spending so much time focusing on battling against intrusive thoughts and depression (and by that I mean depression) etc.

So, I was wondering whether it would it possible to phone up the uni to discuss whether my grade boundaries could be lowered? Has anyone done this before?

i'm really aware that it sounds like I'm making excuses and believe me, I'd rather not have OCD and potentially have to make an embarrassing phone call explaining my situation.

I'm also aware that plenty of people with mental illnesses don't ask for their grade boundaries to be lowered, hats of to them tbh. I just don't want this illness to ruin yet another opportunity for me though of course I'm doing everything I can (aka revising like mad) to get those As.

So, yeah, any advise would be much appreciated
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hiya, it doesn't sound like you're making excuses, you're ill that's a pretty valid excuse. Personally, I would email or write to uni just cause i have troubled explaining things, but i think you should inform them at least, and when you go to uni they will be able to help you through it.

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