Any idea about this question???(Plz help) Watch

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Everyone, here is the question. It's a bit long, hope you have the patient to read through the question

Part C: Return of the wildebeest
The park rangers are finally satisfied that the grasslands have recovered sufficiently to commence an
animal reintroduction program, starting with the Specious Wildebeest (Connochaetes concoctus).
Let Z(t ) be the population density of wildebeest, the model is to be extended to describe the effect
of wildebeests on the grass/snail system. The model will account for the following
• Z is introduced into the system at t = 0 and at no other time.
• When consuming X, Z will also consume Y .
• The growth of Z requires X, but X does not effect the carrying capacity of Z.
• Consumption of Y by Z introduces a parasite that enhances the death rate of Z.
• Z also die naturally.

(11) Write down a dimensional model that consists of appropriate modifications to equations (3),an additional ODE for Z(t ) and initial conditions, that describes the processes listed above and no more.

dX/dt= Rx. X^2.(1 - X/Kx) ? aX Y, this is equation 1

dY/dt= bX Y - d Y , this is equation 2

Anyone have any idea how to write an ODE equation for Z???
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This is in the wrong forum

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