i am a terrible person and hate myself right now Watch

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i really need to let something out and i have noone to talk to about things. basically for the last 2 years i've been addicted to ketamine yet still been able to function, i've got into a decent uni but i've just wasted a gap year getting more and more ****ed up. i've lost weight, become depressed and suffered from anxiety problems. i can feel myself getting less intelligent and i'm becoming someone i hate.

to top this all off i've even done what i see as the worst thing i have ever done, i've had sex with one of my friends girlfriends and i feel terrible about it. i can't stop hating myself in every way. i don't like my own family or most of my friends, and the last few proper friends i've made have been girls that i've just began to think i'm in love with.

i'm not looking for sympathy, i just wanted to let it out. and i know i'm going to be told i'm a bad person. i just want to sort it out before i leave home. MEHHHHHHHHHHHH
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For starters, if you haven't kicked this habit already, go get some help for it! It'll only get worse if you don't! But you need to really want to. Are there no friends or family you can talk to? if not try Talk to Frank (http://www.talktofrank.com/)

As for the sex with your friends girlfriend, whats done is done, whether either of you decide to tell your friend is completely yours and her call, but this should be a wake up call for you. You're just hurting your friends, and you need to get this problem sorted for definite before you go to uni!

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