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So I left school last year with ACD in geography, psychology and biology. In january, i retook a psychology module and now have ABD. In the summer I am retaking all biology modules except coursework in an attempt to raise my grades. Due to very low coursework marks, it is unlikely I will get the B I want.
I applied to:

Royal Holloway - ABB - Physical geog

UEA - ABB - Env science

Keele - Unconditional offer - physical geog

Aberystwyth - 300 points - physical geog

Oxford Brookes - ACC - environmental science/geography

So, I went to the royal holloway open day and loved it. The people were great, the course is great and the location is great. But realistically I am not going to get the ABB.
UEA and Oxford brookes arn't really the course I want to do and OB wasn't that nice anyway.
Aberystwyth was a alright uni and course, but is just too far from where my family live.
Keele was an ok uni as well, but the people I met there were all talking about how they lived 30 mins away and got Es in their GCSEs. I don't want to sound snobby, but they wern't really the academic people I as expecting.
My other problem is that if I put Keele as my insurance I am unlikely to get on campus accomodation meaning I would have to find some in the nearest town. I am quite a shy person and think that this would make it a lot harder for me to make friends.

I am now wishing I had applied to completely different unis! Is there some simple solution to this that I am missing?

I am already going to be 2 years older than most of the other undergraduates and can't afford to reapply next year.


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