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So people, to keep it short I posted on a forum that has nothin to do with finance that it might now be a good time for which you want to order something from the U.S., as the € / $ change is favourable for us now. Well, and then I was for what ever reason attacked from all sides. Here the main posts: (i am sorry of the translation is bad, but was orginally in german and I used google translator + some minor correction)

Guy1 : And now I throw my comment once more to the euro is not really strong.
The dollar is just exceptionally weak.
Compared with other currencies, the euro is not really strong, he has indeed tightened somewhat, but isn't really worth anything.
And I say this now not because I'm studying finance, but because I have to do it professionally and watched for some time now.

Me: My God ...
Yes, the € is weak or "stable", it is only the $ taht goes downhill .. thanks to QE2 among others.
But again, the goal was not to see a financial discussion ...

Guy2: The ratio of these two colorful papers to each other may be true, and thus relative to U.S. orders still be interesting - but in overall € is just as **** as the $.(For this reason I personally only look at the gold and silver prices) So you can make this as simple and tell the world the € is strong.

Me: Why would you look on gold / silver prices .. which are only pushed up because the is going downhill ... Both are listed in $ .. Euro, Yuan, CHF, etc. .. are stronger (compared with the $). Investors therefore can buy "more" gold-silver. More demand = price increase ..
then of course the "sovereign debt" risk in the U.S., EU and Japan, the investors buy the precious metals for hedge purposes etc...
and as long as we still have inflation in Asia they will also buy gold / silver .. and there are X reasons why the prices go up .. All the short position that were lately closed on the silver has also driven the price up .. etc etc..
So why you now "only" look to these courses, is really a mystery to me...

Guy2: Quite simply - my U.S. orders have long been carried by so short-term monetary benefits to me are ever irrelevant. I don't say your thread in itself, isn't useful for people who didn't know it, don't get me wrong

And I can tell you why my focus on silver/gold price is a mistery to you:If you study "finance" , is it clear that you will be trained to think within the international Fiat Money System (* so pure money without hedge, except the general belief that a particular colored paper would have to think for ever more value than its calorific value) and to recognize and maximize profit potential. So far so good, just waht you maximise , is nevertheless still only money *.
Your arguments concerning the prices "being pushed" lead me to think so. Funnily , I hear that derogatory language only - but that in unison - amongst people who are working in the money businesses (bankers, investment counselors, " financial adviser "and the like) - but the fact is that people see that their printed moneysoon nothing more could be worth (as you yourself acknowledge, inflation flee to all corners) and therefore in real values, eg precious metals. Because they were always worth something - why is it btw, when the $ was still covered gold was as good as any significant inflation on him.

And that's the reason I preferred just to look at these courses - they are the barometer for the "badness" of the monetary system.

Any comments are welcome, if you share my opinion

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