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So here's the story.

To begin with, I'm a gay guy and my best friend is a girl. Let's just call this girl M.
So we're both 17, and M started seeing this guy who was my older sister's ex boyfriend - whose family is close friends of my family (which I think is pretty weird...) and the fact that he's 24 (it's not legal - could be charged with statutory rape or something) just makes it worse.
The relationship started pretty well, me and the guy got along...until he started discreetly texting a really flirtatious way.
I was like...WTF. I didn't know what to do, so I decided to just tell M, but she thought I was joking. I showed him the texts, but she thought he was joking too.

I honestly didn't think that he was joking, but I could be wrong.


A few weeks ago, M caught her boyfriend cheating with another girl (who's only 15) - so she broke up with him. He was begging M not to break up, he even offered her anything - anything at all. Seeing this as an opportunity to do a revenge, M asked for all his e-mails and social networks passwords. Because M is not good with technology, she asked me to change all the passwords to his social accounts (because he found the girl he cheated with through twitter) so I did.
I thought that it's enough to give the guy a lesson, but she doesn't think so. I told her if she doesn't even like him anymore, why still seeing him?
So she broke up with him (AGAIN) but he won't accept the decision if she didn't give back all his social network accounts... So she told the guy that I have them.
The guy texted me, but honestly I forgot his passwords, so I said that I'd forgotten all about it. But he insisted (he even called my older sister and ratted me out) so I managed to remember the new passwords and gave back the passwords to my best friend M (whatever she wants to do with them).
And then I texted him "Okay we gave you what you want. So now stay out of our lives and date girls your age. Don't ever contact her anymore"
I know I'm probably being intrusive, I mean it's her life but I'm a good friend so I feel like I have to protect her. I mean I'm NOT afraid of the guy, I'm athletic and he's not - I can easily win a fight with him any day. But I know that violence is not the answer.

I asked M after a few days, if he ever texted/contacted her anymore, and she said no. I said "well it's good, right?" and she said "yeah he's just a pathetic loser"

BUT THEN, a few days ago I was out of town for my summer internship, and I saw her status update on twitter. "Gym with *the guy*, and then eating at *a place* while waiting for *The guy* playing indoor soccer with his friends.

I was so disappointed. First, GYM is OUR thing - we ALWAYS go to the gym together. That place where they eat is a very unpopular place WHICH I RECOMMENDED her to. I risked my relationship with that guy (whose family is my family's good friends) to help her. But now she's started seeing him again?
I might be jealous a little, because I don't have many friends (I am very picky, and I'm not out yet, so I can't risk having a large circle of friends and being outed) and we have the summer pretty much planned out. He's taking her away from our plans, and she's a virgin (she wants to stay virgin until she gets married) and this guy pretty much wants to take her virginity (my older sister's friends are his friends - so I heard from them)

I can't just let this be. When I asked her about it, she wants me to "stay out of it" and let her "live her life"

What do I do?

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