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Most adult people devote a major part of their daily life at work, jobs are consequently an important part of people’s lives and job satisfaction plays an important element of individual wellbeing. From my point of view, rewards, recognitions and sense of belonging are three basic and essential elements in job satisfaction.

At first, it is widely accepted that people work for companies to get some rewards. To be more precise, rewards are generally money, bonus and some other advantages offered by a given company. As a result of this, people’s motivation and loyalty are enhanced by rewards they receive, which contribute unquestionably to job satisfaction.

Another point which has also a dominant impact on job satisfaction is recognition. Like for instance, one employee achieve a wonderful task for company and he is praised in front of all other employees, at that moment, he must feel a sense of fulfilment. This example reflects how important recognition from company can affect people’s satisfaction.

The sense belonging to a team or a working community also contributes to work job satisfaction because team-work can make the work place feel like at home.

In fact, the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers is somewhat simple and similar. They are just the factors all above I have mentioned. Provided that any company wants to get higher profit, the company need to meet employees’ job satisfaction. At the end, if companies and employees both play the game which is job-satisfaction. It is not unrealistic to obtain a win-win situation in the long run.

By the way, I am not English native, Can anyone correct some grammatical faults?

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