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    I am in my first year of IB and have decided to do my EE in Chemistry. Seemed like a good idea, but I now realise that I don't have a clue what sort of topic to do it on.
    Anyone wanna help? Please post ideas or what your title was.

    Only Chemistry please...

    I'm in a similar spot.
    Ideas, dear students of TSR?

    I did mine in Chemistry but now that I think about it I really shouldn't have because I got screwed over with the timelines and all but still predicted a B so we'll see.

    So, I did mine on analysis of hair dyes and what affects its colour and efficiency. Initially I wanted to do a chromatography on hair dye colours to look at its colour composition but that never happened (hate our lab ). So, I ended up looking at how different acids and bases affected the colour and reaction.

    Word of advice stay clear of anything to do with fruit juices and vitamin c or ascorbic acid content. its been overdone and you probably wont get a great mark for it.

    Nanotechnology, polymers, and their uses
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Updated: May 7, 2011
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