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Anon or delete please.

Today me' my mum and my dad where having tea and watching a film, my dad doesn't live with us but is always around he doesn't work but was in the army 15 years ago and is now on benefits although he is always busy out doing something. Anyway the dog was outside barking and my mum said to me' 'let the dog in' I jokingly said you do it your closer, then my dad decides to pitch in saying 'open the ****ing door now you don't do **** around here since you left college' (I chose to leave as I didn't like the course And am starting a levels September) he says stuff like this to me' every other day, but I do everything they ask and I don't just laze about all day I go the gym go on walks and so on. Anyway I then got up to open the door and said back to him 'i do plenty round here stop staying that to me'' which I do about an hours of chores a day I'm 16 btw he then threw his plate at me and said 'you've got a ****ing cheek' and stormed back to his.

I'm wondering now should I just man up stop being a ***** and forget he did it and carry on like normal or what I don't know what to do
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Throwing a plate at you was very out of order. But the rest just sounds like family banter tbh.

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