its about the power of maintenance and advancement, please some experts help~ Watch

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I am dealing with some past papers and stuck with this one, please someone explain deeply.

J and K are trustees of T's will which contains a bequest of 20,000 pounds to T's infant son S provided he attains 25. during his infancy the trustees are directed to invested the sum and add the income to the capital. The residue of t's estaTE (worth 100,000 after duty and yielding 5,000 p.a) is to be held for T's wife and on her death to S and his sister d in equal shares absolutely. While s is a young boy W approaches the trustees and asks if they can help her send him to a public school. she can spare 2,500 p.a of her own income but fees and incidentals would amount to 12,000 pounds a year. The will is silent about this.
Advise the trustees

Would it make any difference if the will did not direct the trustees to add the income from the bequest to the capital??

well, I know the money is pecuniary legacy and it is contingent becasue the interest vested only if he is 25. The normally rule is that contingent pecuniary legacy does not carry intermediate income except it was provided by his father or loco parenties, and here it was provided by his father, so , basically, it is ok, but there are 2 other rules, i, there must be no other fund provided for hi maintenance ( i think there is no), and the contingency the contingency is the attainment of the Legatee's majority (18)<< here he needs to be 25 ages, so , this point failed???

Then i have no idea for the rest of the points fo this question, could someone kindly sort it out? Thanks a lot

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