Is it better to phone or email the uni when you want to drop a subject? Watch

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Basically I took 4 A levels and would like to drop history. Usually I wouldn't mind self-teaching a subject (our teacher is not very good...) but I just feel with all the content that I won't get an A in it and it's not specifically included in my offer (must get AAA in any three subjects). I think it will be beneficial for my other subjects to drop it.

I know a lot of people will say there's no point but I don't see the lessons as wasted time since I was constantly practicing my essay skills etc. In hindsight, after my experience with history department last year (which is crap) I should have dropped it but c'est la vie.

Anyway, do you think I should phone or email my unis...I don't really know what the procedure is to drop a subject tbh? I'm also aware that they may take the offer back if I drop it which I definitely don't want, so if that happens can I just say that I'll carry on with the subject for the sake of the offer?

Any help would be much appreciated
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If your offer states that you must get AAA in any three subjects and doesn't stipulate which subject, then it should not matter to the university. However, it would be a courtesy to let them know seeing as it formed part of your application.

I would e-mail rather than phone, simply because if you phone, chances are you would end up speaking to a person that wouldn't have a clue or would have to find out further information before giving you a definitive answer.

So e-mail them to let them know, but don't panic about your offer being withdrawn.

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