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I'm coming to the end of my first year at uni now and I still don't feel settled or happy. I only arrived back here after the Easter break yesterday and I already want to go home. I have a couple of good friends but that's it. There are literally only two or three people I could call if I was bored or wanted to do something and I find myself sitting alone in my room alot.

I've tried really hard to make friends but everyone seems to have their own groups and don't seem that bothered about me. At home I'd consider myself 'popular' but here no one seems to like me and I don't think I fit in.

I've really struggled with homesickness and feeling so isolated and alone hasn't helped.

My course is okay and I know it will be alot more interesting next year but I haven't really enjoyed it so far.

I really wish I could drop out but I have no idea what else I'd do and my parents would be really angry with me because they've already spent so much money on rent and other costs. I don't want to feel like I've wasted a year and I know I'd struggle to get a good job without a degree.

What are my options? How can I make this situation better?

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