What's with people always been ****ing cold? Watch

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I can understand in the winter, but with temps like what we have been having recently there really is no reason why you couldnt sit outside naked all night if you wanted to, and this will continue througgh the summer etc come rain or shine, unless we have an ice age. anyway i have been down the beer gardens a lot this mmonth with my friends and it seems that no matter how nice and warm it may be, to me at least, everybody always wants to bugger off inside cos tey're ''cold'' around 6 or 7 ishpm, along with most of the rest of the public. and inside it is always absolutely boiiling and worst of all a pure waste of frankly amazing weather.

i know it may be simp,y that im ''alwayss hot'' and it is my probleem, but come on, being hot isnt a problem, being cold is, so i dont see that that matters even if it isthe case.

i wanna sit in the gardens till 1am, like on holiday...i mean it IS holiday weather after all. i'd rather just not bother if everyone else would rather sit inside like sweatshop workers. is it just me or have other people xperienced this strange phenomenen of people being constantly freezing cold and ruining decent summer evenings because of it?

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