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I have a physics project due in about 2 months. I am stumped on how to make my project work. Any ideas would be very helpful. Below is a description of the project and it's criteria.

Design and build a system that could be containd in a box (dimensions 2'x2'x4") that will control the movement of a golf ball. You will accumulate points based on how long the ball is in the box (no longer than 200 seconds) and how far the ball travels.

the box may be constructed of any materials you choose.
the ball must enter and exit the box.
the ball should travel as far as possible and stay in the box as long as possible (no longer than 200 seconds).
the box may not employ anything dangerous or hazardous including electricity (other than dry cell batteries).
once the ball is placed in the box, the box may not be touched, moved, or externally controlled in any manner.
the entire mechanism must me completely visible to an observer.

my e-mail address is [email protected]. please post a message on this board or e-mail me if you may be able to help.
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I'm doing phsyics too, however, I don't understand your coursework. Is the ball suppose to be hit and if it happens to fall into the box be shot out again? ...this is really confusing...plz explain.
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