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hey could u comment on my tok topic no:8
The question clearly states that Arts deals in the particular, the individual and the personal. This can be proved by the simple illustration of the painting Monalisa that was made by an individual, Leonardo Da Vinci.
On the contrary science deals in the general, the universal and the collective. This can be proven by the formulas and the theories that are stated by scientists and they are accepted universally.
Art is a performance, expression of any act by an individual in a creative, appealing, amusing, interesting and a beautiful way. Art is mostly performed by individuals or by a group of people, but in a group the art is related to each one universally and to the capabilities of every individual to express different things in their minds artistically.
Arts are divided into two categories: Useful Arts and the Fine Arts. The useful arts comprise agriculture, engineering, cooking, medicine, carpentry etc. All these have a goal for example, the internet is meant to be used and not to be misused. This shows that there is a practical use of them. The Fine Arts comprise music, photography, sculpture etc. The Fine Arts generally are performed with no utilitarian goal, this means that they have an intrinsic value of themselves.
Art is primarily an act by individuals and it mostly appeals to us visually. In the right part of our brains, there are points that control, govern all our actions and reaction to art. It is human nature that any thing or act presented in a simple and routine way does not generate much interest. We all need any act in a manner that appeals to our eyes, ears, hearts and brains. This is how many of us have a natural way of looking at or doing things artistically. In the noble interest and the love for art the experts make a very unique execution of their work.
The Subject of Art is particular:
The Execution of Arts is particular:
The Creation of Arts is personal… but
The Aesthetic enjoyment is universal..

An artist is one who has exploited his /her natural desire to do things in a different way especially in ways that give feelings of gaiety, amusement, entertainment to the hearts and minds of those who witness them. Such artistic desire has been perfected by the artist by practicing the art frequently.
Beethoven’s symphony is played by many artistes, all of them play their instruments individually but in the end it is the synchronization of all the instruments that makes the product sound so harmonious. The example proves that all the artists play individually but all of them play together to make it sound melodious and hence this makes it appear that arts deal with the collective also.
A work of art is individual as far as its creation is concerned. The above examples illustrate the point that the creation of art is individual but the aesthetic enjoyment is universal to the audience. Hence it can also be said that arts is collective and universal.
Science deals in the general and the universal. The theories and the laws that have been stated by the scientists individually and personally are being practised in schools and research institutes now.
Science no longer contemplates itself as a prescriptive area of knowledge but as a descriptive one, It describes the bases on which various phenomena occur. Science takes its form as a law or a theory, conditions or explanations. These laws and theories when discovered and explained with fruitful evidences are stated as truth.
Who knows that the first human born in this world may have died not having the knowledge of survival in the then prevailing circumstances? This explains that the science of those times was knowledge of survival. The roots of science are in the human need. Had there been no human needs or desires, science would not have evolved at all.

“Enterprise of science is the enterprise of knowledge”

We are thankful to the development of Science because life has become very advanced due to Science. As such science can be defined by different people in different ways and I see science as “ that branch of knowledge which systematically, logically and factually deals with evolution, past development, progress and future possibilities of all living and non living matters and materials that existed in the past or that can be imagined to exist”. In lucid language sciences is the research of the matter around us. It always establishes a cause and effect relationship. Scientific laws are universal in their application.
“Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it”
- Niels Bohr
Many scientists put in their efforts in building a nuclear reactor. Every individual puts the effort individually but all of them work to get a universal outcome.
Art and science, both are related to each other and are interdependent. Science needs to be presented artistically to be interesting and easy to study and understand. Likewise every art must be scientifically reviewed and created in order to be extremely appealing and absorbing.
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