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work really depends... some medics in my college seem to pull all-nighters every alternate day. others seem to faff around 24/7... and it's not always those that work the hardest that get the grades... :confused:

work hard, work intense, work smart, then go PLAAAYYYY!!!

let's put it this way - i'm a medic at a put-medics-in-a-pressure-cooker college, and i row. it can be done.

as for musical stuff... there is a medic in my college who is (was?) in 4 different musical groups, including (i think) CUSO, CUMS 2?... she still survived it all. :eek:

missed opportunities? tons. it depends on what interests you, and what you manage to spot going on around the colleges/university. there's a million and one things going on, all cool things to do, and you can only pick and choose a few because they all happen at the same time. then again, if you aren't interested in anything... erm... tough? :rolleyes:
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(Original post by Suzy_vet)
Seems to be some nice variation! I just hope i can cope with it. i did 5 subjects last year to AS and thought it was ok, and four this year. gets a bit much sometimes, but bio and chem fine.

I just want to play in some kind of orchestra, doesnt have to be anyhting amazing, just fun. Hopefully ill find one.
what instrument do you play suzy?
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