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    I had an interview for the PGCE Primary course at the University of Plymouth on 9 May, 2011.

    I received notice the next day that I was unsuccessful.

    I got feedback today.

    This is it:


    Thank you for your email regarding your PGCE Primary interview.

    I have reviewed your application and the notes made by the admissions tutor at the interview and can provide the following feedback:

    The primary interviews are rated against a number of criteria which directly link to the Training and Development Agency’s Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) standards. There are three levels at which candidates can be scored (strong, satisfactory and limited). Across the criteria you scored the following:

    Demonstrates sound numeracy in task (100%)

    Commitment to children’s learning.
    Motivation for teaching demonstrated.
    Prepared for interview.
    Discuss current educational issues from own research.
    Understanding of the contribution that their own subject knowledge/experience will make to their teaching.
    Response to the literacy task.

    Awareness of the professional duties of teachers.
    Constructive contribution to group task.
    Evidence of reflection on own needs for development.
    Knowledge of factors that might impact on children’s progress demonstrated.
    Awareness of the contribution of school staff.
    Constructive contribution to group discussion.

    As you can see from the above, your interview was mostly assessed as satisfactory or limited, successful applicants will have received outstanding scores in most if not all areas, and therefore the admissions tutor was unable to offer you a place this time.

    I hope that this feedback is useful.

    Kind regards


    My take on it? And bear in mind that I failed the interview so take it with a pinch of salt.

    In many ways it is just like a job interview. It is NO GOOD being able to do it, you have to SHOW that you can. You may have a strong commitment and great awareness of the professional attributes of being a teacher, but it matters not a jot if you can't show it.

    We had two group discussions of 20-30 mins each, an interview in pairs or threes along with a short written and numeracy test. You may not be asked directly questions like, "What areas do you need to develop?" or, "What contributions do school staff make to a child's learning?" but you need to get those point across. As you can see there are a lot of boxes to tick and you have to fill them all in whether you are asked direct questions or not. It was a tall order and as you can see was beyond me.

    I hope this is some help to anyone going for an interview at Plymouth, or indeed elsewhere.

    To those waiting for results or going for interviews may the Force be with you.

    To those of you who got in I can only say, "hats off."


    I just read ur feedback letter and I have a interview with Plymouth uni 2moro, I was unsuccessful for Marjons so plym uni will be my last chance! I am really worried about the interview process for Plymouth Uni because they seem to have higher standards than Marjons.

    I got given the interview pack which contains the Education Journal etc, How did u find the group discussion task? I'm not really one who does well in these group discussions because other people with a greater personality seem to always make me become quiet and find it hard to join in. What do they ask you? and I heard the literacy test relates to this journal? did u find it difficult? and how much time did u get to write?

    I also noticed that the interview part was done in pairs? does that means theres no individual interview? I have never had to do a interview with another person and worried the other person will out talk me before I can get my experience forward. How did u find this part?

    I had a numeracy test for my marjons interview and that was like a ks2 test paper, is it the same for plym uni? or is it a higher level?

    Many thanks for you help from your previous experience, really do appreciate it!


    Hi Katy,

    I had an interview on the 9th of May and will hear back either tomorrow or wednesday whether i have got in or not! I was like you, i had an interview for majons and didnt get in! so fingers crossed i will get into plymouth.

    The group discussiontask lasts about 1/2 hr and its only with like 8 other people, so a fairly small group. They literally just asked us to discuss and usually one person starts the discussion. As long as you put you opinion across and are not left in the background dont worry. Also try and relate to your own experience. if i remember correctly they were well up on yur experience and want to know what you have learnt in your experience.

    The literacy test relates directly to the group discussion, its merely just summing up the for and against points about article. try and choose a point for and a point for against and sum it up. try and include some other research you have done to backup any points. The literacy and maths test are together and you have a total of half an hour to do both. so not a lot of time! so you need to divide your time. maybe 10 mins for maths and 20 mins for literacy! your hand will hurt after haha.

    The maths test is pretty standard ks2 maths like ordering numbers (including fractions, decimals and negatives) long multipliction, long division(with remainders), naming the propeties of right angled triangle etc.

    There is no individual interview, its in pairs because its meant to make you more at ease plus you take it in turns to answer question first so you will get to hear what the other person says and can expand etc. you both get your say! so no pressure to try and get answers in. you will have the opportunity to answer all questions! i actually had mine with 3 people! most of my questions were on experience, stengths and weaknesses!!

    If you have any other questions do ask!

    Hope this helps


    Hi Lucy!

    So glad to know that theres someone else in the smae position as well, it is nerve racking waiting to find out if u have got it or not, so fingers crossed to u!

    I am reading the journal article now and just making some notes also trying to think of how I can relate to it because it's mainly about technology impacting of the life of the new generation. Would u suggest doing some research into current news within education would help?

    wow only half an hour for both literacy and numeracy! that certainly aint long at all which means need to write extra quick, totally understand what u mean by hurting hands! I remenber the marjons one included science as well.

    I do have a question which is what type of question did they ask u from the last part of the interview? was there any such as "why did u choose to do a PGCE?" or "What qualities do u think u have to make u become a good teacher?" etc I really want to just get my points across and not talk of subject when I know I have the experience there.

    Thanks for sharing ur information lucy! I'm still doing prep for it, really worried about what the other people in my group would be like

    Hi katy,

    Yeh i would suggest doing some research in current news. they will ask you what your own experience is related to ict in primary schools.

    there is another group interview part which is a discussion on your own experience. thats with the same 8/9 from the firs discussion on article. totally relaxed.

    in the paired interview they asked like 4/5 out of like 10 questions. so they choose which ones to ask you! i got asked 'what qualities that i have to make a good teacher' 'strengths and weaknesses' 'what i have experienced in a classroom that was good practice'. umm cant remember anything else they asked. i would recommend looking up some current issues in eduation today.

    hope ive helped, even jus a little.

    just be confident and relaxed and you'll be fine. they are all really friendly.

    good luck and let me know how you get on

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    Hope the interview went well.

    Have you heard anything yet? x


    My interview yesterday went ok, not as daunting but was still nervous seeing others there and also knowing that there was only 25 spaces avaliable, so was aware that competition was high. I was waiting all day thinking they would have let us know but got nothing?? so I'm guessing they are taking more time to go through everything?

    I was on high alert everytime I had a incoming email lol but just going to take it easy now cos it could take longer i think x

    Hiya Katy,

    I emailed them yesterday and asked lol. I did get a place! So excited, dont quite believe its real. I got my final confirmation via the gttr today and obviously replied yes straight away haha!
    Good luck and let me know how you get on!

    Lucy x

    Hi Lucy,

    Same here, I got the confirmation yesterday afternoon and was over the moon!! so I am really excited about it now

    Hope to meet you in September now!!

    this is the link to the facebook group:!/home.php?...548800507&ap=1

    Excited woop.
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