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are these "cashback" mobile phone contracts a scam

Do they actually work. for example the ones on this site for the blackberry 9780 seem too good to be true

has anyone had experience with cashback contracts from somewhere like phones4u or whatever. Do you actually get the cash back?
I had one a few years back with Phones4u without problems. If they're from a big provider I'd expect them to be legit, but the conditions and time limits for cashback have to be kept to very strictly and can be very easy to miss.
Use a more recognised company, rather than studentphone, which my laptop refused to open, and you will be fine.
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If they're pretty well-known, reliable companies, they're usually legit but you miss a deadline and you're left with nothing.

I'd recommend looking at the tarifs first - go as cheap as you can and if the company goes bust you're not left paying a ridiculous amount of money.
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Quidco ones are fine as long as you ensure it tracks correctly.
ermm not sure bout this one but these ones are all legit:
I've done it for 3 years with no problem what so ever.

I used They're part of Carphone Warehouse.
I got cashback on my contract from If its a big company I would go for it. Also, perhaps take out a phone contract that you would happily pay without the discount and any cash back you receive is a bonus!
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you have to post the contract thing back, we did on recorded delivery and they said we never sent it!
they owe us over 200 pounds in cashback money (but this was 3 years ago-ish)
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Which site?

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