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    Anyone know why the respiration RATES of dicotyledonous seeds may be different to that of monocotyledonous seeds? I thought that having 2 cotyledons may increase respiration rate, but the info I have found so far suggests that monocot seeds respire faster.....

    Any help will be appreciated!

    I am doing this investigation too, and am very stuck to be honest. Atleast I think I am - I haven't look at the paper really since I got it, but when I did I was a little stumped. Could you send me some hints, tips, and info please?

    [email protected]



    I have a practical coming up about seed germination and am completely boggled by it too.

    The exam sheet states:

    You are required to plan an investigation:

    - to compare the rate of utilisation of food reserves during the germination of seeds of two different species;

    - to determine a possible reason for any differences that occur in the rates of utilisation.

    Is this the same practical you have to do?

    I can't work out whether this is to do with respiratory quotients or what.

    It also says that part of your plan should be based on a method for determining the progressive decrease in dry mass of the seeds/seedlings.

    So I assume I must measure dry mass before and after germination. But how does anyone know how you do this? Do you dry them out in an oven and then weigh them? I don't know what sort of instrument would be sensitive enough to weigh a seed?

    Basically I haven't got a clue! lol

    Any help much appreciated.

    join our forum on a2 biology coursework crisis!! You may get some ideas there!!

    I can't find the A2 biology crisis, is it on this forum?

    Im doing this same prectical plan. Ive done preliminary work to find what seeds to use because you want one whose dry mass is very different, but im stuck on the second part. Apparently i has something to do with respirometers?can anyone tell me ANYTHING? email me at [email protected] and we can exchange ideas!
    Hannah x

    Yep, this damn cw is bugging me too. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHY THE UTILISATION RATE IS DIFFERENT, HELP!?! Its the whole reason I am on the internet instead of doing the work! (A "W.A.T" in other words, a Work Avoidance Tactic!)

    Cheers all.

    N :-p

    hahahahaha your all screwed!!!
    aint nobody gonna save u!!!
    get praying for a good samaritan

    May the fOCRe be with you

    great, no-one knows. hmmmmmm gonna fail

    I came here for help but I don't reckon u guys are helping all that much! I am starting to get seriously worried about this coursework, so much so that I am spending my free periods in the I.T centre trying to research instead of my usual doing nothing. I don't know if you are doing the same courseowrk as me?? Mine has something (?) to do with heating some poor little baby seeds to something like 200 degrees and seeing if they still grow. My deadline is friday (or monday at the very latest) so I am gonna go home and cry if I don't get an answer soon. I tried all the usuals - I entered about a million different phrases with germination in the into a similar number of search engines and all I got was a block from the college server cos it was actually telling me how to grow various different types of drugs. ARGH! Help me before I go insane! I wouldn't mind so much if this was an actual lesson in term time but its the intensive and and I am still realling from the exams!

    Please, please, please, please, please, please help me! Please.

    My email is [email protected] if any of you happen to find anything. (please)

    Kay xxxx

    p.s. got bio now and we are fishing for snails instead of doing anything useful! I hate college
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