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    Hallo - I must know what content unis want to read in the reference written by my tutor. please tell me as soon as possible, because the reference must be done before christmas days.


    note on references HOPE THIS HELPS!!!

    1. Applicants currently studying at school or college or who have left only recently are expected to obtain their reference from their Head of School, Principal of College or appropriate teaching or tutorial staff. In the case of mature applicants, this may be an inappropriate choice if the school or college was attended some years ago. Mature applicants are advised to select a responsible person with more recent knowledge of them to provide a reference. Examples are: an employer; training officer; adult guidance officer or careers officer; where appropriate a teacher on a relevant FE course; a colleague with whom the applicant has worked in an employment or voluntary context. References provided by relatives are not acceptable.

    On the UCAS website they say this about the reference:
    These guidance notes are for referees who are completing a reference for an applicant who is applying online but not through a school or college.
    All UCAS applicants must have an electronic reference that they can paste into their application.

    If you have been asked to provide a reference in this way you will find it helpful to read the notes below for guidance on what to include.

    Your reference is an Open Reference. This means that under European and UK Data Protection and Freedom of Information Legislation applicants have the right to see their reference once it has been sent to UCAS or the universities or colleges they have applied to. We make the universities and colleges aware that the applicant has pasted the reference into the application. We also warn the applicant that they must not alter the reference in any way; if they do so, their application will be considered fraudulent and cancelled by UCAS.

    Who should write the reference?
    The reference is intended to help universities and colleges assess the applicant's suitability for the courses they have applied for. The referee should be someone who is able to comment on the applicant's academic abilities and potential to succeed on their chosen programme of study. A school or college teacher or tutor is a suitable referee for individuals who are studying. For a mature student a responsible person such as an employer, training officer, careers adviser or teacher for a recent relevant course are all suitable.

    Referees must not be a member of the applicant's family, a relative or friend; if this applies to you, please let the applicant know you cannot provide their reference.

    Some tips on how to write the reference
    The reference should be written using word processing software such as Word.

    The space available for the reference allows no more than 4,000 characters, including spaces, and should not exceed 50 lines of text. It will be produced using 12 point Verdana. If you use a different font or a smaller or larger size, the text will be converted to 12 point Verdana when your reference is pasted into the application.

    Universities and colleges cannot see what other choices the applicant has made. However they will all be able to read the personal statement and reference. The reference should be written in a way that supports the applicant's intentions for progressing to higher education as directly as possible without disclosing the names of the universities and colleges they have applied to.

    Once you have completed the reference you should send it to the applicant via the internet or give it to them on a floppy disk. They need it as an electronic file so that they can paste it into their application.

    What information do you need to provide?
    You need to complete the predicted grades section, if appropriate, and the reference

    Predicted grades
    This information should be entered if the applicant is currently studying.

    Enter the title of the courses or qualifications that the applicant is studying and the grades, results or performance outcomes that you predict the applicant will achieve.


    Existing achievement, with particular reference to subjects relating to the courses for which they have applied

    Motivation and commitment towards the chosen course or courses.

    Any relevant skills achievement, whether certificated or not.

    Powers of analysis and independent thought.

    Their suitability for the courses or subjects they are applying for, including where relevant their suitability for training for a particular profession, for example teaching.

    Any factors that could influence their performance.

    Their career plans.

    Relevant work experience, work placements, voluntary work and so on.

    Information about any disability, special needs and other requirements. The reference should not give information about an applicant's health or disability without their agreement.

    Other interests or activities.

    If you are writing the reference for an international applicant you should comment on their ability to write and speak English and say if any of their studies were taught in English

    From other career websites about references for UCAS applications:

    Reference You will be asked to complete details about your referee. It is important that you fill in as much information as possible as UCAS or the universities and colleges may wish to contact your referee for further information about you. The information you will be asked to give about your referee is as follows:

    their name

    their relationship to you (eg tutor, teacher, careers or guidance adviser, employer, but it must not be a member of your family, a relative or friend)

    the name of their school, college or other organisation

    their address

    their telephone number, including the international dialling code

    their fax number, if they have one, including the international dialling code

    their email address.

    Either the referee's telephone number or email address must be included in order for you to be able to complete this section.

    The reference should not have more than 4,000 characters, including spaces, and should not exceed 48 lines of text of Verdana font .

    There are two ways of entering a reference. It can be typed in directly or you can copy and paste it from a word processing package (by clicking into the reference box and holding down Ctrl + V). Font style and size may not be changed within the system, including pasted text, as it is set to default of Verdana font).

    Formatting such as bold, italics and underlining cannot be used.

    Part of FAQ:

    13. Who should supply a reference?
    Your referee should know you well enough to write about you and to say if you are suitable for higher education. If you are a mature student, you should ask a responsible person who knows you. We will not accept references from family, other relatives or friends.

    14. How do I send my application to UCAS?
    You can send your application to UCAS when all sections are complete. This will include obtaining a reference and copying and pasting this into your application.
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    hey, thanks for this fast response.

    now i must know only how to improof my english skills, then everything is well.

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