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Ive got 3 weeks to revise for my a.s levels which are
business studies

At the moment i know little about business studies (messing about in classes)

im comfortable with i.ct and english

know little about maths

the way i see it I have to revise business and maths but im not the best reviser. I find it difficult to revise and remember the things i revise. If anyone has any good tips please submit them

Thanks in advance

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Discipline yourself. Take the time to do 4x20 minutes - do it in smaller chunks, and take 5 minute breaks.
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with maths just do lots of question papers and mark ANYTHING you dont get...

the papers often repeat themselves as theres only so much they can ask!

with business in all honesty if you get an idea of the prinicples of each section and get to grips with youre case study you can blag an A

as long as everything you say you justify and relate to the main business principles (which coincidently are normaly easy to understand from youre text book) and you apply, analyse and when relevent evaluate you'll be fine.

in other words - read the main points for each module (eg HRM or marketing) have a flick thru ure notes and text book and then in the exam say a few key points, apply them to the situation, say what will happen long or short term if the business does what you've said and then say whether it will work or not and why.

hope it helps a bit...

i blagged and A in my module 3 mock if its any consolation and atm im thinking/hoping ill do it again!!
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ok but i need to know how to actually do the revision, like what steps to take to remember things better.

I dont think ill blag an A as I only have 3 weeks and i kow literally nothing. Obviously some more tips would be nice

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Im not sure about maths but with the business studies you have a lot of options available. I often make notes on the important parts that I need to revise. You can use coloured pens to separate out the areas . For example, I use a different colour for keywords/phrases, names and dates and extra details. Once you have this, you can revise from it by reading it and trying to write down everything that is under that topic heading without looking at the notes. This allows you to see how much you know and what you dont know. Keep doing this over and over again (not necessarily on the same day) until you can write down all the notes you have made on a separate piece of paper without looking. This type of revision helps you to remember the info and by repeating the task you rehearse the info so that it is in your short-term memory. Then when you come to recall the info, its easy. I would say that this is a good task to do in the week before the exam. Oh yeah and if you do a plan of the question in the exam, this can helps you remember more details also.

Another idea is to do practice papers. Maybe once you have wrote your notes you could try to find practice papers related to the topic and see if you can answer them. See if you can answer them without looking at your notes but if you cant then have a quick glimps. Once more this will let you see how much you know and where you need to spend more time. It also helps to you to rehearse the info. If there is a question that you cant answer with or without the notes, then flick through your text books (etc) and when you find the info you need, add it to the notes you have made previously.

There is also the possibility of doing spider diagrams to revise from. However, they take a great deal of time which you dont really have. If you do find yourself with lots of time available, then give these a go as some people are better at remembering visual stimuli.

Last thing, try to read the summaries (if there are any) at the end of text books or chapters. I find these helps as they give you the basics. Try to build upon the info they give you and see how much you can add to a topic.

Thats all I have. Sorry I couldnt be more helpful. The quickest way to learn your info is probably with the first idea of trying to recall your notes. It works for me but everyone is different. Good luck with your exams. Hope you do ok.

Helen Brownsell
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