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I did a search on medicine and this guys posts came up..he sounded like a prat so i read his posts. Hes funny (as in a ****)

I am sorry to say it people but why is it that most of you listen to such ear-offending-brainwashing-thinkingtheyknowitall-losers.
Listen to the real artists of our generation:
Well dont ask stupid questions, cuz I wont waste my time answering it.
hahaha.....ummm..NO...I bet you think you're funny huhh?........get a life
that is exactly the kinda thing I was trying to avoid. I mean its not as if I am trying to say that 'everyone' who comes from public schools and goes to oxbridge is an arrogant p***k but there are quite a few and its just that I am not sure whether I would be able to cope with having spend 6 years with such empty headed **** heads
vienna you really are the most foolish patronizing, authorative and blatently arrogant person i have ever had the displeasure of meeting on the net
are u really that filthy minded..........poor guy
Finally, someone who knows about good music. Thank god, I was beginning to think that this forum was full of sh*theads
right-wing vienna (BNP-voting woman!!).
I am quite happy that is ugly face (not to mention his dirty-arabiclooking-tan) is off bbc morning tv for a number of reasons.

Mentally Ill, I think that you have a communication problem and ought to sort it out since you turn to abusing those who disagree with you. I feel that you also have an identity crisis in that you don't want to admit that there is a difference between you (being jamaican + black) and other white people. Personally I think its very good to realise that there is that difference in culture and that it should not be a problem. So stop being a bounty (incase that you dont know what that means: black outside + white inside = like that chocolate) and learn to appreciate your values.
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and you posted this because......?
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(Original post by munchie_rox)
and you posted this because......?
I was going to say the same thing but procrastinated as per usual...!
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