Missed my camping trip!

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    I just missed my bus to go on for my camping trip!

    The thing is I'm kinda have a mixed feeling towards it. I have loads of assignments to do and the camp will be far away from my home. My mate said to bring the work with me since the place is very comfortable but I highly doubt I would be able to concentrate. I was however eager to go to the place but was still worried about my work. But even with the doubt, I still had packed everything in my camping bags. My phone, as usual, was in silent mode the whole morning and I usually put on vibrate. My mate miscalled me numerous time, 4 hours before the trip wanting to tell me that the bus will be off earlier an hour then expected. Only after 15 minutes before the original time of departure had I realized that he miscalled me numerous time to tell me the time had been moved. Bummer..

    But at the same time, I was a bit relief that I missed the bus, so I can do my work! Weird, but at the same time as well, I really want to yell at my mate for not telling me at least a day before or at least he can just SMS or FB me!! Should I even be angry with him lol...

    Is there a question here?

    if the weather where you are is as bad as here i'd be over the moon missing that camping trip!

    No... he let you know 4 hours in advance, you had your phone on silent. Hardly his fault, is it?
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Updated: June 17, 2011
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