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    Im in year 10 at the moment but im not doing that great at my GCSE's but i still want a good job and to do A levels and hopefully go to uni.
    I cant decide what job i want though.. this sounds really silly but if you Watch CSI or criminal minds im intrested in getting it too that sort of criminal/ forsenic stuff.
    But i also like the idea of jourlism and photography, However sometimes i like the idea of working with animals...

    Can i have some job suggestions and A levels/ courses i should take to get into that sort of thing please Thanks

    just wait til you've done some of year 11 to find out what subjects you particularly like. maybe ask for a careers meeting at school (like connexions, they do it at my school) to discuss your options. but tbh csi and criminal minds are pretend and you would never get that exact job - however you could be a forensic scientist, forensic psychologist, or a detective in the police.
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    okay thanks

    Haha I love Criminal Minds!
    I waited to see what I got at GCSE then picked my a levels based on that-you might as well do something you like AND are good at, than something you suck at but you think is cool!
    In my opinion though, forensics: Sciences. Especially chemistry. Apparently it's really hard to get into though.
    Journalism: English, history, RE. Essay based subjects.
    Animals: Biology, maybe chemistry depending on the uni (I'm going to do zoology, but I don't have chemistry a level so I'm a bit limited!!)
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Updated: June 19, 2011
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