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Higher Sociology isn't difficult as long as you get to grips with the basics of the types of theories your going to study. Everyone does the basics of Marxism, Feminism, Neo-Marxism, Functionalism, Weberianism and Symbolic Interactionism. You also study the five stages of the research process and various research methods. Not a lot of detail is needed for these, as in the exam you only get asked short answer questions on them.

Everyone also learns the Education essay and the Class Stratification essay. Here, you use two contrasting theories to compare different views on the issue at hand. Everyone does different theories (eg. I did Marxism and Weberianism for both of these essays). You also need to know how to use relevant studies to back up the findings of these theories. The question will indicate which study area you have to use (3 areas for each essay, except for Class Strat. which only has two), and for each area you must compare two studies. You need to learn both of these essays as the exam will ask you to write on only one of the two, it tends to alternate most years.

The other essay you write follows the same structure, but it could be on a wider range of subjects and each area always comes up, so no guesswork is really needed. The subjects this essay could be on are: Media, Crime and Deviance, The Family or Welfare and Poverty. We learned two of these essays and then decided on which one was our strongest and chose it in the exam. Again, you need to use two theories and two studies.

In the exam, Section A is usually about 8 or 9 short answer questions, covering everything mentioned in my first paragraph. The first question is ALWAYS on differences between Common Sense and Sociological explanations, so it pays to just memorise an answer for this. Section A is 40 marks.

Section B and C are your essays, and each are worth 30 marks.

I think that's about everything! If you have any other questions just quote me

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