Christ Church...full of toffs??

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Hey ppl, I got an offer for PPP at christ church...but I've heard its the most hated college and everyone is really arrogant, does anyone know what its really like, I'm from state school and not at all stuck up but I don't wanna be associated with all the polo playing pimms drinking etonians
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Nought wrong with polo playing or pimms drinking toffs some of them are the nicest ppl ul meet.
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I'm in the same position, I got an offer from Christ Church despite not applying there (it was on my list of only two colleges i definately didnt want to go to, ah!), and had the same feelings and presumptions about the place. But what made me decide i wanted the offer was things like the idea of it being rich so i could try for a bursary or have lower rents (coming from a state school and a v. tight financial background this is pretty appealing!). In terms of it being full of rahs, well, they accepted me, so that must say something. Unless of course they accepted me only in an attempt to diversify... hmm, in fact even that would show they were trying. I just really liked the tutors that interviewed me there, so that helped, i knew i would enjoy being taught by them. Since looking into it better, i get the impression its reputation is for the most part undeserved, but the way i see it, is even if there are people from v. upper-class backgrounds, so what? i for one like the idea of mixing with all sorts of people, and i reckon the social mix at Christ Church is probably pretty vast. And, from a crazy tourist point of view, the place is beautiful.
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