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Hi im a little stuck on this question. Ive done the first bit, im stuck on the answer phone bit. Does anyone have any pointers?advice they could give me?


On Monday Humphrey advertises in the London “Daily Blub” that he will give £1,000 reward to anyone who writes to him, at an address given, with information as to the whereabouts of his missing wife, Gloria. On that day, Jeremy, an illiterate tramp, meets Gloria in York and she tells him that she regrets leaving her husband and would return if she could be sure that she would be welcome. Jeremy is greatly moved by her story and asks Marvin, who is going to London on Tuesday, to visit Humphrey and talk to him. On Wednesday morning, Jeremy learns of the reward. That lunchtime, Marvin meets Humphrey and tells him of Gloria’s whereabouts.

On Wednesday night, Nigel, who knows of Humphrey’s advertisement and who has been travelling the country in search of Gloria, leaves a message on the answerphone at Humphrey’s office stating Gloria’s whereabouts. On Thursday morning he posts a letter to Humphrey confirming the information. Humphrey has placed an advertisement in Thursday’s edition of the “Daily Blub” withdrawing his offer of a reward.

Discuss the issues of offer and acceptance raised by the above scenario.
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