Inform me on what 1:1/2:2 degrees are? Watch

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Annoys the life out of me when people post things asking for info and people post answers like this. Just don't post anything atall!
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I don't know if anyone has been on a course. Am no expert. But how the course is layed out for mine was intro year, getting to know eachothers strengths and weaknesses. The second and third year was completely dedicated to buckling down. I felt the first two years reflect the 2 and the last year reflects the 1. Because in second year we had overhaul of work shown and an exhibition and third year all work shown and an exhibition.
But the parts might be split up between written and practice. Like if it's medical then showing medical research and evidence. If it's cooking then it's evaluation, research chefs, food and anything that holds evidence for hygiene safety.
Both are split between a doing of making a 3D kinistetic reaction and the other a final physical outcome.
It's just a guess. So I don't know if you could research that and see if that is how it's applied.
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