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How often and how to wash penis head?

Have no idea how often to do it, i used to do it once every 3-4 days and everything was fine then i caught thrush off a girl i slept with and ever since i have been much more hygienic by washing every day but i still get random red dots on my glans and red rashes on my foreskin, which seem similar to the thrush i was diagnosed with before. Maybe i am washing too often? i dont usually use soap but the other day i used dove moisturising shower wash for 2 days and now i have red dots on my glans and a red rash on my foreskin, it doesn't hurt it's purely an aesthetic issue. What's the best way to wash down there and how often? am i doing more damage than helping? Thankyou
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Does spitting on it count?
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everyday, try just water or non harsh shower gel.
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My boyfriend washes his every day.
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Everyday in the shower or bath the hell?
Surely you wash your cock when you wash the rest of your body? Or is it detachable?

Bang a bit of shower gel on and gve it a good scrub.
I do mine daily, mostly i just pull the foreskin back and spray it with the shower head (tickles a bit xD), but if it's before seeing my gf, i put a bit of shower gel (i have a sensitive, no soap one) on my finger tip and rub slowly till i see bubbles, then rinse thoroughly
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unless for some reason you live in a tent or a toro boro cave, you should really be washing every day - particuarly if you're reguarly having sex, you should wash your cock before and after - and if you have a girlfriend you should definitely wash before out of respect. water and soap will do the job
Than'k you i know how to wash my big big big!!!! **** nau 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙂🙂 i am feeling good.

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