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Basically I was thinking are Muslim boys virgins before marriage? My uncle was around my house the other day from Pakistan. He is 30 years old and not married, now in Pakistan I don't think he has ever had a girl friend so I'm assuming that he is a virgin. Now I was thinking is that common. The Muslim boys/men at uni are they virgins? Do Muslim boys only lose their virginity once married? I was born into a 'Muslim' household but completely disagree with religion of any kind so I am an atheist thus losing my virginity was something I did when I was younger. But I really want to know, do Muslims in Britain today still only lose their virginity once married? Open to girls as well. The whole stigma of being Muslim and you can't lose your virginity before marriage, has that stopped you or do Muslim girls and boys have sex before marriage as well.
A lot of muslims and especially Pakistanis just sexually assault and rape british girls.( HELLO, rotherham) Islam is the problem. I think its great that you left Islam.

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