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Hello people!
Im doin AS chemistry at the moment and
am really stuck on my planning exercise
which is due in tomorrow (uhoh).
Its an analysis of unknown aqueous solutions

-aqueous calcium hydroxide
-ethanoic acid
-nitric acid
-aqueous potassium bromide
-aqueous sodium chloride

Does anyone have any references (websites) where I
could fing out these tests?? I have a fair idea with the
lime water and the halides but its the acids I dont understand
how to distinguish.

Also - they have to be in a "logical sequence" does anyone know
of a specific sequence the tests should be done in?!?

Please help if you can!!
Thanx a lot
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ive already done this :d

heres my resources.....

the ethanoic acid test is a beast

A level Chemistry 2nd addition – E.N Ramsten. - nitric acid
Laboratory manual and study guide – G.C Hill. - ethanoic acid
As-level revision guide – Helen Eccles and Mike Wooster. (OCR) - general stuff like about bromine and chlorine

DONT FORGET you need POSITIVE results for each, deduction doesnt count!! ie you can say cause the one solution trested positive for an acid but negative for nitic acid it is ethanoic, you;ve gotta say it tested positive for ethanoic acid as well

best way to do it i think is to use a flow chart as doesnt add to word count and to start by seperating acid form non acids... then test for all the seperate solutions. ne probs or for some more help send me an email!

[email protected]

hope some of that helps....!!

good luck!!!
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