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Does your uni get Wednesday afternoons off?


Do you have Wednesday afternoons off at uni for sports?

I always thought it was standard to have Wednesday afternoons off for sports in unis (when I was at my first uni and my friends were undergrads at others, we all did) but since coming to Bangor and having lectures on Wednesdays until 6pm apparently it isn't!

This obviously causes a problem, especially in winter, as sports clubs have to train in the evening - starting at 7pm - which isn't great when you have to walk there, do your two/three hours of sport and walk back in the cold dark!

The SU has managed to get the uni to change their policy for most schools now :yy: (unfortunately as Psych is so large we may not get them off :sigh: always the way!) but I was wondering how many uni's actually do have Wednesday afternoons free for sports?

It'd be great if you could say what uni you're at as well as answering the poll :smile:

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My uni (University of Leeds) tries to avoid scheduling anything for Wednesday afternoons, but because there was no other time available, I had a lecture at 2pm every Wednesday afternoon last semester.
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St Andrews does :smile: I actually didn't realise that other unis did that too. There are some tutorials on a wednesday afternoon but you can choose not to have them then.
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I know UCL definitley have Wednesday afternoons off
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Cov uni does.
Im not at university yet but i've asked a friend who's there and no they don't. :frown:
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This used to be a National stance campaigned/supported by NSU as well as lecturing unions.

I notice Bangor has promised it will keep free in future with interim arrangements for Psychology students.
The only people I know at Loughborough who've had timetabled contact time on a Wednesday afternoon is the engineer students working on their end-of-year project.
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You are meant to, and it's well established in many universities so any group of students wishing to campaign for this in their own uni will pretty much get it passed.

My course usually does but they still have the odd lecture. Damned annoying as the university leagues hold games on Wednesday afternoons because that's what they're there for!
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Someone told me my university did this but I'm not so sure. I only ever had 9 hour weeks though so I usually had them off anyway. I had lectures on Wednesday evenings (5-7) in my first year though.
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Yeah most places have Wednesday afternoons off.

Nearly everyone had no lectures in the afternoon at my uni, except for my course. Had lectures 10-3, however use to have to skip them to go to training / matches.
Last semester I had the whole of Wednesdays off. It was good :smile: week felt more managable
I get some wednesdays off, apparently.
uni of Birmingham do
We do (we being royal veterinary college) :smile:
I don't actually know. But I've never had anything on a Wednesday afternoon so maybe.
At first I thought, no, why do you ask, and then I realised YES :eek: we do!
I have no idea why..
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I'm at University of Sheffield and I don't think there are any lectures on Wednesday afternoon or maybe I was just lucky. :p: Can't comment on other departments though but a lot of sport does seem to be played on Wednesdays.
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Newcastle do
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Wait you actually get the Wednesday off? Your not herded onto an over crowded 5 a side pitch to play eleventy seven a side for 3 hours despite no one actually wanting to be there?

can't wait for uni :smile:

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