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hi i was just wondering if any of you who hav dun this hav got ne good websites coz i havent got a clue!!
thanx, clare
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No websites, but plenty of intuition.

Egg Albumen is a globular protein held together in the usual manner by interaction between R groups.

Some of the bonds between R groups are Ionic, ie a positively charged R group is attracted to a negatively charged R group and the force of attraction holds the shape of the protein.

CuSo4 disociates into Ions in solution. These Ions are also attracted to the charged R groups. the positive Cu ions are attracted to negative R groups, the Sulphate ions to the positive R groups. They effectively neutralise the charge on the R groups so that the R groups no longer bind to each other. This allows the protein to uncoil into long strands.

Some of the bonds in the portein strand are polar, slightly charged at one end.

H groups are slightly positive, and become attracted to the slightly negative O end of OH groups. As the protein has uncoiled the H and OH groups are free to line up. The resulting hydrogen bonds cause the molecules to stick together. It is this more compact regular arrangement of molecules that blocks the light and turns the albumen white.

It's a combination of resources from Salter's Advanced chemistry chemical Ideas, and Cambridge advanced sciences Biology 1.

hope that helps.
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