Do I have to apply at the beginning of year 13?

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I thought I'd ask for some advice from anyone who knows about or has experience with this situation.

I finished year 12 in May, so I'm supposed to be going through the process of deciding on universities, writing personal statements, sitting the UKCAT/BMAT for Medicine etc. However, I still feel I've made no progress over the year in deciding what to apply for. My desire to do Medicine has 'fluctuated' over the past year, but going through the relevant work experience/voluntary work and achieving the necessary AS grades hasn't helped to aid my decision greatly. Therefore I'm still unsure as to whether I should go ahead with Medicine or if I'd prefer to take biomedicine or biology.

Obviously time is progressing and in two weeks my head of sixth form will be expecting a personal statement from me, but I feel any application I make now will by half-hearted and inadequate. I'm also not oblivious to the fact that with the rigour of the Medicine application process it probably wouldn't take long for someone to dig out a large number of doubts if I apply this year. I wondered if anyone had decided not to apply at all in year 12 and instead take a gap year, applying the year after (at the end of year 13) in the same way that re-applicants do? My thinking in this is that by not applying, if I did decide to go ahead with Medicine I would still have all of the universities open to me as opposed to the rejections that I may receive if I apply this year? I'm planning on taking a gap year regardless of whether I apply this year or next, but my worry is that it may cause complications e.g. universities challenging my commitment to Medicine because I was too fickle in year 12?

So my overall question is whether it would greatly impact my chances on getting into university if I was to take the alternative route and not apply now? Also, if anyone has taken this route, are you glad you did so in hindsight?

All help is appreciated!
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In your situation, it sounds like a gap year is the best choice. As long as you do something in your gap year it won't affect your chances.

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