A2 Eng Lit - WAR LIT!!!! HELP! Watch

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is n e body doing thewar lit unit in a2 english lit??
its so hard and im panicking!!!

it is a 3 hour exam with several different peices of war lit - unseen. Even though ive been studying it 4 nearly a year ive still no clue what im doing, theres just too much work 2 try and learn!

does anybody kno of n e websites/have advice etc for this paper?

plz help!
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Ive had a quick look at have come up with some websites for you.

http://www.essaybank.co.uk/A_Level/English_Literature/ - this website has example essays that you can look at which may give you some ideas of what is expected of you.

http://www.englishonline.co.uk/cgi-b...l?board=fexam5 - this webiste has a forum for english language and literature so may be very helpful during the exams as they will know what they are talking about better than I do.

http://www.gosford-hill.oxon.sch.uk/...guide/20th.htm - this website seems to have example poems and short analyses of them so could help you get some ideas or at least give you some practice poems.

http://www.s-cool.co.uk/topic_index....bject_id=4&d=0 - I know that s-cool doesnt actually have a section on war literature BUT it does give you the basic concepts behind analysing a poem and prose. This should give you an idea of some of the things to look out for when analysing your unseen text.

Good luck. Hope that helps.

Helen Brownsell
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our teacher suggested that we buy a book called "the war in british literature" that basically tells you everything about the poetry and prose. useful books to read that might give you a better idea of the different styles of writing are "dispatches" by michael herr (vietnam), "birdsong" by sebastian faulks (WW1), "stars upon my heart" which is various female poets (jesse pope is a key one), "journeys end" which is a play by R. C. Sherrif, "O what a lovely war" which is also a play, by charles chilton, and "regeneration" by pat barker.

you've probably already done a lot of those. it's not necessary to read the whole lot of it, but if you read a bit of each then you'll get an idea of what the person is. Remember WAP (Writer Audience Purpose) as this will enable you to write a good, systematic answer. it would probably be useful to be able to quote a couple of famous lines from owen and sassoon. Try also to have a range of authors - non combatant/combatant, pre/post war, male/female, pro/anti war.

hope that helps


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