Are You Stuck On Albumen? Are You In Need Of Help To Get A Good Answer?

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Basically i am fed up of seeing all these stupid answers with regards to the egg albumen practical. I have not seen one answer on this site that is remotely correct. Cross method? Thats primary school stuff and would not be sutiable. Even all your different theories on this matter are all totally 100% incorrect, hasn't anyone ever taught you about proteins in your life? I am offering all of you help if you need it you can email me because if you can't get this right then none of you will make future biologists like me and the more scientitsts the better . ok byebye
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hey drranjid, i was wondering if you could send me any ideas for the method of this albumen coursework that would actually work and give good results for the level of this coursework.
I have just received this coursework and would also be grateful if you could send me ideas for preliminary work
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Many thanks

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