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Got an interview for Argos next week, what can I expect? Watch

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    Hi everyone
    I just got a phone call for a job interview for an Argos Christmas Temp
    On the phone she said to go smart casual, not boot and suit, and she said it won't be that formal, it's a group interview.
    Not sure what happens in a group interview and what kind of thing I'll be asked? Any ideas? This is also my first job interview.
    Also plan on going in a dark blue shirt, black trousers and black shoes. Would it be best to wear a tie too?
    Thanks for any help

    Call back and say that they cannot meet you in person but must make their decision based on a single small photograph and a 3 line description. Explain that if they decide to take you on, they can then drive to your house to pick you up and your dad will spend half an hour pretending to be looking for you inside while they wait at the door.

    Only had one group interview before and it was very quick, they just went round the group what experience you had that was relevant to the job.
    Think a tie might be too formal, rest of the outfit sounds fine
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    I tend to look like a drug addict in every photo I send off for ID so I wouldn't have a chance ;D
    Thanks Sammie Yeah I thought so, I'll give the tie a miss then.
    I think there'll be a lot more than that for this, the woman on the phone said it would be about an hour and a half. I plan on mentioning team skills and independent skills from working in a kitchen and shop work as a volunteer if it's relevant to any questions. Not a clue if I'll be serving customers or sorting stock in the back, the vacancy was just advertised as a Christmas Temp.

    I've got an interview tomorrow for a job as a christmas temp at Argos. All I've been told is that there will be about 15 of us, does this mean its a group interview? Also, does anyone know what the process of the interview is and what questions they will probably ask?
    Its my first interview so to so say I'm petrified is a bit of an under-statement
    Thanks for any help

    As a current employee of Argos (Weekend Team Leader) I may be able to give you some much needed advice! I started off as a Christmas Temp back in 2008 and I'm still here today!
    Every store has a different way of recruitment. As I only work in a small band 1 store, we only do interviews (not big group interviews) but I can still give a heads up.

    Why Argos?
    Well, we're the UK's number 1 retailer in toys. Our catalogue is in 1/3 of households in the UK. We are a leading multi-channel retailer (ie, we can home deliver, text and reserve, internet order and now most recently TV). We have over 750 stores nationwide. The new rebrand is giving Argos a fresh new look.

    What things do we sell? - Grab a catalogue and find out! (Say product categories like Home Furnishings)

    Mention you want to stand for the values of the company (It's an ABCD Acronym)
    A - Available Choice - Having a wide range of goods for customers to choose from
    B - Best Products, Best Value - Good quality products at a great price
    C - Customer Focused - Always put the customer first.
    D - Development for the future - New ideas like the rebrand.

    Mention the introduction of the new stockchecker 2. It's a touchscreen version of the old blue calculator style stockcheckers which gives customers more information - they can search by cat no. , page number, product category, latest price cuts and clearance.

    If you really want to push the boat out, you can mention the back-of-house efficiencies we've rolled out. The introduction of voice technology and our multi-location system makes it easier and quicker to pick items in the stockroom. Here's a nice little read (

    Show the manager you know a little about where you'll be working.
    1) Stockroom - Picking. This is where you pick items from the shelves and safely send them down the conveyor belt.
    2) Collection - Using the call-forward system (Order number 1, to your collection point please) to give the item to the customer
    3) Tills - Processing orders (Reservations, Home delivery and regular orders)
    4) Customer Services - Returns, Refunds, Exchanges, Repairs, Enquiries.
    5) Jewellery & Watches - Processing orders and selling.

    Then it's the bog standard questions that only you can answer.

    How do you think you give good customer service? (Eye contact, smile, say hello, be a good listener)

    Name a time where you've given good customer service.
    Name a time where a customer was upset. How did you resolve it?

    Then general personal questions like:
    What do you do in your spare time?
    Are you part of any teams/organisations?
    How flexible are you (with hours)?

    I hope that's enough to get you started. Any other questions please feel free!

    wow thanks this was very helpful do you still work for argos? do you have any up to date tips, advice, thanks
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Updated: June 13, 2016
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