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    hi,. im currently doing an a2 ict coursework(AQA),. and im stucked at idntifying constraints imposed by the organisation.
    i was asked by my client to create an electronic employment form(application form),.
    btw my client is a manager in a store where they sell ink cartrdiges for fax,printers etc,..

    im clueless on what to write so if anyone has an idea can u pls share it im really desperate, deadline is 4days from now,..

    I taught this last year. This is the advice I gave my students. Hope this gives you some ideas.

    2.1.2 Internal Constraints

    In this section you need to set out any internal constraints.
    An internal constraint is something that can limit your ability to complete the project, but is something that you may have some control over.

    o Do you have particular software or hardware that you have to use and why? Perhaps the organisation has already licensed certain software and don’t want to buy other software or perhaps all their staff is already skilled in the software they specified.
    o Do you have a budget to work to? There may be only a limited amount of money to complete the work.
    o Do you have particular timescales in which to complete the work? For example, a till system would have to be complete by the date the shop opened.
    o Staff may have skills in particular software so you have to use that software to produce the solution.
    o You only have a certain number of staff available to you to complete the work.
    o Are there any particular procedures or ways of doing things within the organisation that you have to comply with?
    o Do you have any existing legacy systems that you have to integrate with?

    2.1.3 External Constraints

    In this section you need to set out any external constraints.
    An external constraint is something that is outside of the business and that you may have no control over.

    o Your work may be required to be compliant with acts of law such as the Data Protection Act, Copyright and Patents Act and Disability Discrimination Act. You could explain what parts of your system need to comply with these laws and in what way.
    o You may have to wait for delivery/installation of something at some point in your plan. If that is delayed the project will be delayed. E.g. in a building project, the installation of the roof would be critical as inside work could not start until this is completed.
    o Are there any external systems that you need to exchange data with in a particular format?

    Things to consider for both internal and external constraints are:

    o Hardware
    o Software
    o Communication technologies
    o The format of information requirements
    o Finances
    o Staffing
    o Environmental factors
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    now i have something to start with ,..thanks very much sir,. it helped a lot,...

    "Miss" actually
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    hey its me again can u also please help me on proposed systems and deliverables?? i sort of ahve an idea but not sure about it or i think it may not eb enough,.. thanks

    2.2 Description of the Proposed System and Deliverables (3 Marks)

    2.2.1 Description of the Proposed System

    Describe the proposed system.

    o What will the new system be capable of doing?
    o Describe any particular key features it will have.
    o What will the user be able to do with it?
    o How will the user/audience use the system?
    o How will it be updated?
    o How can it be backed up?
    o Will people be able to use it at the same time?
    o What software do you propose to use?
    o What hardware will it run on?
    o Does it need any extra hardware/software. E.g. printer, scanner, barcode reader, microphone, Flash installed, Quicktime installed.
    o Will it have any particular security on it?

    2.2.2 Benefits of the Proposed System

    Describe what benefits the new system will bring to the client, user and audience.

    o Will it make them money?
    o Will it improve customer satisfaction?
    o Will it make anyone’s job easier – how?
    o Will it bring more customers?
    o Will it raise their profile?
    o Will it make them more competitive?
    o Will it help them expand or move to other markets?
    o Will it make it easier for customers to contact them?

    2.2.3 Impact of the Proposed System

    For each of the benefits you have identified you should consider what impact it could have.

    o In the case of a business opening an online shop, the extra business could secure existing jobs or result in more jobs being created.
    o In the case of a tourist information website, the impact could be more customers in the tourist information shop possibly requiring more staff, and more visitors to the region resulting in an improved local economy.

    2.2.4 Deliverables

    A “Deliverable” is what you actually intend to hand over to the customer at the end of the project. There could be multiple deliverables in a project, depending on the nature of the project.

    Some examples of deliverables:

    o A project plan showing timescales, key milestones etc.
    o Identification of user skills and training requirements
    o User documentation in the form of a User Guide
    o Design of the system such as online forms, printed reports etc
    o Microsoft Access Database meeting the set requirements
    o A website meeting the set requirements
    o Administrator Guide
    o User Guide
    o Website pages to be handed over to customer to register URL and host.
    o Website with registered URL and hosting included.
    o Desktop Hardware (2Ghz processor, 2GB memory, 20GB HDD, 17” monitor)
    o 1 week training course between 1-5 Sept to train all staff on the new system,
    o 1 person providing support for 1 month after the system is implemented.
    o Multimedia marketing presentation

    You need to be specific when listing the deliverables so there is no confusion over what you intend to deliver.

    For example, if you say you are going to deliver web pages, the customer may expect the website to have been registered and be up and running, whereas you may be expecting to just hand over the files and it is up to them to find a host and register the URL.

    You should create a numbered list showing

    o What you intend to deliver to the customer
    o Why it is needed
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    ...thanks very much "miss",..

    I'm doing this coursework too, this year!! YIKES! Lol

    I am actually finding this coursework fairly easy as I am just getting my head down and doing as much as I can, its just the exams I do rubbish in

    Does the company have to be real? or can it be faked?

    im doing this as well any courseworks on the go?
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