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Sucked A Guy - Now my lips feel weird watch

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    So on Sunday I went for a night out and ended up getting with a guy (i'm a guy too). Anyway, all we did was kiss and do oral, both recieving a giving oral. No anal sex was done at all.

    However, the morning after I noticed a slight tingling on my lips and thought maybe a coldsore was about to develop (I have only just got rid of a coldsore about 2 weeks ago). Today I was examining my lips and noticed I had some small white bumps on them, when I rub my tongue on my lips I can't feel the bumps but i'm paranoid about them. I typed "tiny white bumps on lips" into google and the first thing that came up was "Oral Herpes". I'm pretty certain that there were no sores or anything on this guys penis or else I wouldnt' have sucked.

    I last had a STI check up three months ago and everything came back clean, so I can't believe i've got to return again for another check up. Can anyone tell me whether they test for Herpes, as I know there are two types of the virus (Type I is the one that caught by kissing and affects about 80% of the population, Type II is related to genital). So far I havn't experineced any sores or tingling on my penis. Also, do these symptoms relate to HIV/Chlamydia etc?

    Anyone advice?

    I'd recommend going to a GUM clinic as soon as possible as they will check if it is herpes by appearance so you should go before the rashes go away.

    Oral chlamydia and oral gonorrhoea can be tested with a swab. I believe oral chlamydia and gonorrhoea has a white appearance whereas oral herpes would tend to be rashes which look like cold sores (well, cold sores ARE herpes). As these rashes are white and don't resemble the appearance of cold sores from your description, it COULD be chlamydia or gonorrhoea. The good news is, chlamydia and gonorrhoea can be treated with a simple course of antibiotics

    These would not be a symptom of HIV.

    I must say though, I am not an expert as I haven't had any of these things, I just know this from own past research so please don't trust what I say 100% (which is why I also urge you to go to a sexual health clinic). I also know from experience of STI tests that generally clinics in the UK do not test for herpes, they just judge by appearance.

    I'd say it is important to go and get tested, and do it as soon as possible so that they can actually see these rashes too

    Gum clinic

    and pray.

    You sound quite reckless...dude do whatever you choose to do in a safe way protecting both yourself and partner. At this day and age!!!
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