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Advice on dealing with roommates watch

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    I was just wondering if anyone else could offer some advice on how to deal with this situation.

    I go to a military college and after the first year you get upgraded and have more privileges. I take 21 credits and all of them are engineering courses such as calc 3, statics, physics 2, material science, and ship systems. All of my classes are very tough and I have to study and do a lot of work everyday to keep up in each class. On top of a very rigorous academic schedule I run cross country. Everyday I wake up at 545am and go to practice and get back around 7am go to my classes for the day then at 430pm everyday I go to our afternoon practice and I don't back till around 730pm. After showering and getting dinner its around 830pm and obviously I'm pretty worn out at the end of each day. I still stay up doing homework and studying till at least 11pm every night and don't really get to sleep until 12.

    Here's my problem, my roommate has a much different schedule than I do. Since we go to a military school he is required to wake up by 7am to go morning formation everyday. However, he will often hit snooze on his alarm and miss formation. He takes around 16 credits and in my opinion his hardest classes are physics 1 and calc2. Other than those two classes he has it pretty easy. After his classes I think he tries to go to the gym to lift and workout each day, but sometimes fails to make it there. Then after he eats dinner he basically sits on his computer trying to do work, but usually is just on facebook or downloading music getting distracted non-stop while he watches netflix at the same time with his duel monitors. Then on tuesdays and thurdays he has two shows he "must" watch and usually every night he'll watch tv for some set amount of time. He is always in bed and asleep by 10pm.

    My problem is not that things are easier for him, but how do I stay motivated to work hard every night when I'm exhausted after very full days when my roommate does nothing? I find it very hard to finally get to my room at 830pm and work hard on homework and studying when my roommate is relaxing in bed, watching tv, or just reading and doing nothing productive. On top of that he complains that hes exhausted or tired from his day. I'll be honest yes I chose my degree and I choose to do cross country, but I just don't know how to stay motivated sometimes its making me have slight depression.

    tl;dr but kick him in the balls.

    pretend your bedroom is Abu Ghraib and he is an Iraqi prisoner

    Take the fuse out of his Tv and computer so he can't use them, just play dumb about it, like you have no idea why it doesn't work. This should keep him quiet and confused for at least the night, leaving you time to study and sleep.

    Tell him that he's being really disruptive, report him to your C.O and then do what Vitamortis says and kick him in the balls.

    If he's afraid of you he'll keep quiet.

    Is he actually disrupting you with noise or is it just the fact you're finding it hard comparing your lifestyles?

    You clearly work ridiculously hard & he's a bit of a slacker. Just concentrate on how much better off you'll be than him at the end of your studies.

    Although I'd maybe suggest cutting down on your cross country. Do you need to do 4.30 til 7 (after already having run about an hour in the morning)? Maybe just going out for an hour in the afternoon wouldhelp you get more time for studies & more time for rest.

    Rest is just as important as excercise & 5 and a half hours sleep a night is nowhere near enough rest for roughly 4 hours excercise per day.
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