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Best way to get good concert tickets? watch

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    I'm just wondering what is the best way to get good tickets for a concert. By good tickets I mean, near the front. I know you're best ordering the tickets the minute they go on sale, but I'm wondering which method is best.

    People are always on about camping out for their tickets, but I find this pretty old fashioned. You've got to wait for the people in front of you to buy their tickets, which could take a few minutes, and while all that's happening people at home are helping themselves either online or by phone. I don't know if it works like that or not, just wondering.

    Another way is by phone, you can ring up and order your tickets that way but I've heard sometimes there can be a queue which can delay buying tickets.

    Then there is online which is the way I prefer. You only have to click buy tickets, then fill out a verification code and you've got the tickets on a timer, meaning you can take as long as you want to fill in the details within reason. But, I'm wondering whether or not it's best to buy them from the arena website or a company who've already bought the tickets, hoping they might be better?

    I've never bought tickets the minute they go on sale so have no idea. Looking for the best method from someone whose bought them as soon as they've gone on sale, thanks. :-)
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    Get non-seated tickets and get there early.
    Though if it's all seated then you are presented with a problem. I suggest online purchase as there's not as much waiting in queues.
    I've been lucky on one occasion to get front row tickets a few weeks after they went on sale. Then when we were at the venue we were too far over on one side so we swapped ours for more front row tickets closer to the middle

    find out when tickets go on sale (ORRR if youre on O2/Vodafone or something you might get the pre-sale!)

    If youre getting from the general sale, you need to load up a bunch of gig websites, like as many as you can think of,
    then wait for that specifc time theyre on sale, REFRESH the page then click BUY!!!

    (on just one website obs )

    Box Offices-in person. I work near StarGreen in London's Oxford Circus branch. They have tickets on sale and can offer you the best they have available and tell you where you'll be sitting before you buy.
    Through Ticketmaster- I usually have non seated tickets but I tend to get email alerts when they are ready to go on sale- then I go online and buy buy buy!
    I work closely with a few ticket operators and promoters so if I want some tickets I can ask them who is the best to buy from. Sometimes I get them for free and sometimes they let me know if something's sold out but they have another batch on the way before it's even loaded online for sale.

    Stargreen online

    Just google search. I get em all up and have a look.


    If you buy standing tickets you obviously just have to get there early to make sure you're at the front...or you could just battle through the crowd, lots of people do that too and are often surprisingly successful at it. I've managed to get pretty far through crowds just by repeatedly saying 'excuse me' and wriggling into gaps and stuff; you don't have to be aggressive about it. xD

    For seated tickets, I agree that buying online is probably best. Fan-club/02 presales and the like are obviously more likely to result in better seats. A lot of it is down to luck really, depends on your internet connection and how many people are also up waiting for the 9am ticket sales to start too, etc. I've never managed to get like really amazing seats (like first couple of rows) at seated gigs and I've frequently bought them as soon as they have gone on sale so if anyone has any better advice let me know too please xD

    I use ticketmaster, and some sites do pre sales too.
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