Ladies, what do you like in a guy? Watch

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Ladies, what qualities do you look for in a guy?

Such as:

1. Looks (Please don't say that looks don't matter, they do to an extent and for this question please just tell me what physical features/qualities that you think look good on guys for you.)

Such as:
a. Is there a particular eye colour that you prefer on men?
b. Is there a certain height that you like on guys?
c. Is there any particular body type that you find attractive on men? (Fat, thin, muscular, lean with only some muscles etc.)
d. What hair colour and hair style do you like guys to have? (Long, short, shaggy, neat and tidy etc.)
e. Are there any particular facial features that you think look nice on men? (Long noise, big lips, nice smile, good teeth etc.)
f. Do you like any piercings or tattoos guys?
g. Do you like any facial hair on guys?
h. What do you think of body hair? And hair down below? (Natural, trimmed or waxed?)
i. Do you like guys who wear glasses?
j. Is there a certain race that you are attracted to?
k. Any thing extra that you can think of you think look physically good on guys?

2. Style (Clothes, shoes and accessories that you've noticed look good on guys. Is there also any particular brand that you think looks good? Such as Vans, Converse etc.)

3. Personality (The most important one. What personal qualities do you look for in a man? Are there certain interests that you want them to have? Do you want them to have a specific religion? Do you like any particular accents?)

4. Is there anything that would put you off a man? (Things that you could just not deal with such as a certain personality trait like being arrogant or a physical problem such as acne?)

This is for my survey of the 'perfect man'. No such thing really exists but if you could create one then please tell me the specification that you would pick. Just tell me what your dream man would be like particularly with the 4 points that I have written above. Could you please also write it in the numbered format like the one above to make it more clear

To help with the survey could you please specify these things at the beginning of your post:
1. Your age
2. If you're in full/part time education (Please specify what type of education you are in, such as University or Studying A Levels etc.) or if you're NOT doing full/part time education (If so please state what you are doing at the moment, such as working or seeking employment etc.)
3. Your Race
4. Your Nationality
(I'm trying to see if there are any age/cultural differences in the answers.)

Thank you for helping
Sunshine showers
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The circumference of his shaft is very important.
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(Original post by Sunshine showers)
The circumference of his shaft is very important.
I laughed so hard.

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