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    Basically, long story short, I met a girl about a year ago now at the start of last years freshers week when I was in second year (now just starting third year).

    We have one mutual friend (she works at the same place as a girl on my course) and we go to different unis but within the same city.

    On this first night I met her we got with each other, kissing and other things (touching etc.) although stopped short of anything further and exchanged numbers. After this I pursued her texting etc for around a week before leaving it as I wasn't particularly interested at this time. (I thought it was just a random pull tbh).

    Then around a month or two later, different nightclub, she was there and immediately started dancing with me and again we got with each other but I ended up getting extremely drunk (not to do with her, I was in a state before I saw her) and then whilst walking home with her (we live only a few streets away) I was being really loud and rude shouting things, ruining anything happening.

    Then, most recently, last night, it was a freshers event at the biggest nightclub in the city and she was there doing some voluntering sexual health awareness campaign for the first few hours of the night (something to do with her degree). Anyway, I bumped into her and she was genuinely happy to see me and said she'd be finished working on her campaign in a few hours and would then maybe see me in the club.
    Later on she did find me in the club and proceeded to get really drunk whilst I was bordering sober by this stage. Again, we pulled and touching etc. and ended up going home back to hers but by the time she got in she was completely out of it and fell fast asleep on the sofa in her lounge.
    She had just moved into her third year house and her and her housemates had doubled up on beds for now until the other beds are delivered therefore her housemate had got back before us and gone to sleep in her bed.

    I didn't want to have to sleep at her house when I'd done nothing with her since getting her home and I didn't fancy sleeping on her other sofa when I could just go home so I put a blanket over her and left.
    Then this morning she rang me asking me where I'd gone and generally talking about night before as she hardly remembered anything from it.
    I filled her in then said I'd call her later.

    Got to 6pm this evening, and I call her and she doesn't pick up. And she has not returned my call or texted me or anything since then.

    What should I make of this? Considering its the 3rd time we've got with each other, shes not had a boyfriend over the last year that I've known her and I'm actually quite interested but it seems she isnt!

    I was thinking of simply sending her a text and saying in as many words that I'm tired of meaningless pulls in clubs and I actually quite like you, can we get together some time soon?

    What do you guys think?

    Yes do that. That sounds like a good plan.

    be sure to tell us what happens then
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