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    Recently I have become aware I may be suffering from social anxiety disorder, along with depression - possibly bipolar - in general life.

    today i went to try out for ju jitsu lessons in uni. i wanted to do something to get fit since last year i put on large amounts of weight from being depressed and stuck in bed eating. i got myself ready to go on time. i walked all the way to the university sports centre. when i got there, i turned off my ipod (on low volume in case anyone might hear my choice of music) and started to sweat as i went in. I seemed to be the only new person there. I saw several people in the ju jitsu robes going passed. The class seemed to be in a different room as was advertised. The other people were much bigger and older than me. I started to panic. The two girls on the chairs in the waiting area were looking at me, wondering why I was standing there in jogging trousers, obviously unsure what to do, obviously looking like a total ****. I ran through the turnstile and sat on a bench outisde. I looked at my watch to see the class would have started by now. There was no way I could go in now, so I walked home, put on some loud music and drank myself to sleep with a bottle of rum. I have just woken up. I dont know what to do. I have just bought a £140 university gym membership but I am too afraid to go in case people start to look at me.

    Is anybody else in this position?

    The only thing to do if you really think you are suffering from those things is to go and see a doctor.
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    (Original post by Clez)
    Firstly, you are not alone! I have similar issues. I have practically been locked away in my room for the last year. It has affected every aspect of my life. Uni, work, friends and family. I have finally found a job and I hope this is the first step for me. You honestly have to look beyond what others think of you. Don't let it control you or your life. Take back the reins!

    It is your life and you do as you please. **** everyone else. If we were all so concerned about what some one else would say before we did something, nothing would ever get done! If that makes sense! There will always be some ******** who has something negative to say so why care?!

    I know I am rambling now but it is just that I know how you feel. Honestly, you probably so need professional help. There is a thread on TSR devoted to anxiety. check it out.

    Good luck though.
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