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    I'm a first year currently doing Economics at a middle level ranked uni but I just don't feel i'd be able to do really well (as in really well to impress summer internship/placement year people).

    I really wanted to smash first year, but my uni's economics isn't how I expected it to be...

    Also I have a lack of A Level Maths and feel way out of my depth.

    I don't want to fail at all, I don't want to fail any modules either.. I know with Economics I will fail modules as I don't have any background..

    I can't drop out and am determined to have a decent future I am in the process of trying to change course, only problem being that Business is the only alternative...

    Aspiration wise.. I did want to work for a firm and go into investigating loss and fraud within businesses../graduate scheme (retail and non retail)

    I know an economics degree is better than a business degree, but I just don't think i'll be able to hack it without prior experience..

    Am I completely doomed if I do a Business degree, providing I get work experience and I do a placement year with a decent company?

    I don't want to be an I/banker/accountant or anything like that, at the same time I don't want to come out of uni and not be employed because of my degree...

    I know its what you make of it your degree and the links you make but I just can't help feeling doomed at the moment...


    A business degree is perfectly fine. Stop acting like it's a last resort 0.0. The only place this degree is ever 'frowned upon' is when aiming for the very top jobs which the vast minority will not even apply for.

    Majority of employers do not care about what degree you did, bar it being relevant to the job (so economics and business will be fine counterparts).

    You'll need work experience to get the best placements regardless of whatever you do economics or business, economics isn't a free ride in to a job.

    So ye, with the area you want to go in to, and apparent slight trouble with maths, business is fine.
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