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    I think over the years I've liked my father less and less and it's at quite a low right now.

    Usually he'll state his opinion about something or other and I'll disagree sometimes, then he gets all defensive and says something along the lines of 'I was only stating my opinion' and often makes a comment about how I 'always push' about making my point and 'go on and on' or words to that effect. I often get fairly offended and say that personal comments need not be involved, as I am only trying to make conversation, which results in him making yet more personal comments and how I 'always want to win arguments' and 'don't understand that people have different points of view to me'. I am often quite upset after all this, as they often shout and try to intimidate me and I think he's gotten nastier.

    I tried to go into my room yesterday and end the conversation as I was getting fed up with the same old routine, but he pushed my door open as I was trying to close it, got up close and hissed about how I wasn't going to end it and made a comment about how 'I'll make him look like a bad person again, I'll go off in tears and get the last word' as if I'm being deliberately manipulative.

    Whenever this sort of thing happens (and it happens every few weeks) he never ever apologises. In fact, most of the time, he acts as if I've done something wrong and he's angry with me. :confused:

    This is a man who also held interrogation-style sessions for why I wouldn't speak when I had selective mutism and shouted at me for hours until I was in floods of tears when my phone got stolen, constantly saying I was 'stupid' for 'letting it get stolen'. As a bit of even further background info, he also threw a medicine ball into the air and told someone to head it and the victim was knocked unconscious. He finds this memory really funny.

    This morning, I was leaving the house for school and as a family, we usually kiss each other's cheeks when we're leaving or going off to bed. So I was doing this and when he kissed my cheeks, he suddenly clenched his jaw and did a weird 'mouth/chinbutt' style thing, forcibly turned me around and pushed me away. I was so baffled and angry.

    He acts in such an odd way that I wonder if I should actually ask a mental professional about this. I think he might be genuinely mentally disturbed.
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