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    Hello, something which I've been thinking about lately, would be grateful if people could help me out. So obviously, sugar contains calories and well, it's sugar - there's only a certain amount you should be eating a day, and sugar raises your blood sugar levels.
    From what I understand, sugar free versions contain no sugar, instead containing sweeteners... Now, these may be calorie free, but do they still have the same affect on the body/bloody sugar levels as normal sugar? E.G. do they still raise the blood sugar level? And if the answer is yes... Is the purpose solely to eliminate calories?
    Personally I don't like the idea of consuming artificial sweeteners and would rather have real sugar even if it is bad for you, but I don't understand what the sweetening substances in diet soft drinks do/don't do to your body. Thanks in advance.

    Sugar substitutes do not raise blood sugar level. They are designed to give a similar sensation in the mouth, that is generally where the similarity ends.

    Not all sweeteners are "calorie free". While all the artificial sweeteners I know about have negligible energy contribution, many natural sweeteners do have meaningful calorific values. Of course they often also act as laxatives, so if you ate enough of those to add meaningful energy, it is also likely you would **** your pants.

    I'm no food expert though, so perhaps someone will come and correct me (if necessary) or add further information.

    It is all dependent on the sweetener.

    Some cause insulin spikes, the same as normal sugar. When sugar does this the insulin is used to mop up the excess sugar in the blood stream. As with sweeteners there isn't any excess IN the blood stream the insulin will begin to mop up the NORMAL sugar found in the blood stream. This can cause people to feel weak and sugar crash.

    Some sweeteners like Aspartame have been linked to cancer. Research is still going into this.

    The body sometimes expect a set amount of calories with certain flavours. As the body doesn't get the calories from the sweet tasting beverage a person may end up eating more if they are not careful as the body tries to find those 'missing calories.'

    Sweeteners used for taste are around 100-500 times the sweetness of sugar, so less is needed to give that same flavour. Because sometimes food needs the 'bulk' of the sugar food companies may use low calorie sweet bulking agents like isomalt. These agents are not digested fully by the body, causing your body to want to get rid of them. This causes a laxative effect if you eat too much.
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