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Does sex hurt as much the second time?!

I've been with my BF since February and yesterday we both lost our virginity. I was quite tense and it hurt a lot, although he was gentle with me and stopped when I asked him to. We took breaks and cuddled but I really wanted him to go another round even though it hurt me so much the first time. It was more pleasurably the second time.

Anyways I could hear wet noises when he was thrusting me the second time and I thought it was because I was wet. He popped my cherry the first time and we seen the blood but this time I had an inkling that it might be blood again. So we put the lights on and seen that the blood was a lot more this time and it was on him, and seeing it on him made me feel more shocked than the fact it was coming out of me. Ironically it was more pleasureable for me the second time but I was very sore in the end. My BF was very considerate because he stopped after the first round because he didn't want to hurt me but I really wanted to do it again.

Anyways, I wanted to ask how long does it take for it to heal down there? I have had stomach pains since the morning and feel a little nauseous which is strange. How long should I wait until the second time and will it hurt as much as the first?

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For my girlfriend it got good probably on the 4th time. As long as you do it slowly, gently and regularly you'll be having pain-free sex in no time :smile:
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Thanks for your reply :-) Anyone else?
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I never hurt the first time.

Maybe in between sex you could try a it of self pleasure as this would help make it easier and less painful for you during intercourse.
It hurt me more on my 2nd time then it did my first :s-smilie: Tbh, I was in pain for about 7-8 times ...
Hurt the first few times, then it's fine.
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Sex hurt for me the first few times as well.
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I never hurt the first time.

Not big enough mehtinks.
It hurt me the first time, and I bled the first time, but it didn't hurt me the second time, although I did have a little bit of blood again. Since then it's been fine, no pain and no blood :smile:
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Not big enough mehtinks.

He was alright, If you class 6 1/2 as ok.
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He was alright, If you class 6 1/2 as ok.

Dont forget girth!
it stung a lot the first time. very uncomfortable. but not unbearable. there wasn't much blood, just noticed little bits when went to toilet.

second time it hurt a lot again at the start. then the pain dulled down as i got used to it. then lots of blood. everywhere.
It hurt quite a lot for me the first few times at the beginning, and there was blood the the first two times, although I can assure you that this wasn't due to a lack of foreplay or anything like this. Sex can still hurt me to begin with now if we're in a rush lol, but as long as you relax and he's gentle with you when you ask him to be, then it will get less painful and all the more pleasurable the more you do it :smile:
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I bled quite a lot the second round so i'm under the impression that my cherry has been well and truly popped therefore I will not bleed or feel as sore the next time. Am I right to think this? :s By the way I felt really sore after it happened. Its how I would imagine it to feel like if someone were to pore nail polish remover down my bits! The soreness has gone now though and its my 2nd day as a Non virgin, so thats a good sign right? How soon can I have sex again now?
Its been 15 times and it still hurts at the beginning. I occasionally still bleed too. :frown:
Some women hurt every time. I know this because i was with a girl for a long time and each time we made love it hurt her.
We tried everything, Lubrication, Long build up of foreplay, fingers first, EVERYTHING

Its put down to an involuntary spasming of the pelvic muscles. You know the ones that you can squeeze to make it tighter? Once you can gain control of these muscles rather than them acting on their own you will find it much more comfortable.,

Google pelvic floor muscle excercises or Kegel excercise.

Hope this helps
For me personally, it got better near the 6th / 7th time. That's not to say it was always painful before that. Sometimes it would be painful but other times just a bit uncomfortable but it does get better the more times you do it.
The hymen doesn't actually tear :facepalm:
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Thanks everyone for your replies ;-) It was our second time today and I had faint speckles of blood but nowhere near as much as last time, which is good! It was slightly painful and again not as much as our first time. This time I felt much more at ease (if you know what I mean). Last time I think he had performace anxiety so wasn't able to cum though this time he actually came inside me. I'm happy that we're both relaxed enough now but I'm kind of worried he came inside me. What would be the worst case scenario of what could happen? Help please! :colondollar:
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I'm kind of worried he came inside me.

:eek: please tell me you used contraception?