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Hello everybody,

My name is Catalin and I am a 3rd year music student at Coventry University. For everybody that is interested in studying music at Coventry please reply to this thread and I will do my best to help you out.

As a brief description of the Music Performance course at Cov Uni I will begin by writing some general information and If you want more details feel free to ask.

Overview: The course revolves around performance in different kinds of ensembles. Thus the theory and music history aspects are treated only on a general level.

Modules: The modules you will attend along the 3 years time will be: "Performance Seminar" (the most important one, for which you will have to play every year a longer session of solo work), "Ensemble and Musicianship" (music theory and playing with an ensemble), "Contextual Studies" (a kind of music history but only from 19th century onwards), "Dissertation and Final Project" (in the 3rd year)

The university constantly improves its teaching methods and the modules may change or some may be added/removed.

Ensembles: You will have the opportunity to play in one or all (you choice) of the following big ensembles:
- Big Band
- Orchestra
- Choir
- Fusion Band

Practice time and Facilities: The university focuses a lot on individual practice and so you will have quite a lot of free time to practice for the "Ensemble" and "Performance modules", time which in my opinion is greatly received and should be used wisely.

Cov Uni offers one of the best practice facilities a Uni can provide starting with 10 practice room (some smaller with only an upright piano and an amp and other fully equipped with drums, guitar and bass amps, Yamaha Grand pianos, PA systems, etc). It also offers 5 fully equipped, professional level recording studios.

Because I don't want to make this post to long, I'll leave it here and I'll reply to everybody as the questions arrive.

Cheers :music:
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If I'm not in the music performance course then can I use the piano room ? I'm a Coventry uni students though .
Thanks !!!
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Did you find out if students who do not study Music performance can use the paino's?

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